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XII International Workshop on Rasch Models in Business Administration. December 2017

On 1st December, 2017, the 12nd International Workshop on "Rasch Models in Business Administration" will be held. It is organized by the Instituto Universitario de la Empresa (IUDE) of the Universidad de La Laguna, Tenerife. This event will take place in the Salón de Grados of the Facultad de Economía, Empresa y Turismo of the Universidad de La Laguna, located on the Guajara Campus.

 Attendance at the Workshop will be free with prior registration with iude@ull.edu.es. The Organizing Committee invites the participation of all researchers using  Rasch Methodology, or  wishing to deepen their knowledge of this tool.   Workshop submissions are welcome from all areas and fields of study in Business Administration. The aim is to offer all participants interested in this methodology from around the world, the opportunity to meet and/or to present their work, exchange information and discuss results and current issues.

Following their review by the Scientific Committee and a subsequent blind review, the papers accepted wil be  published in the collection of e-books on Rasch Models in Business Administration of the Universidad de La Laguna.

In this Workshop edition, the IUDE, as a center of international reference for publications related to Rasch methodology, will accept submissions in both English and Spanish. In addition, there is the possibility of making a submission without the need to attend the event, only for publication in the Workshop’s e-book: once the review processes have been passed.

Researchers who are interested in presenting submissions to this Workshop have until 2nd November, 2017. Submissions must be via email following the instructions that can be downloaded at this link.

We look forward to your presence and/or participation.


The Organizing Committee of the XII International Workshop on Rasch Models of Rasch in Business Administration 

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